Eastern Shore of Virginia

~ Traditional Gunning Style Decoys ~

Ducks and Shorebirds

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  OPTION 1 -- Custom order

This is the main way to purchase decoys from Ross Decoys.  You can specify the species and sex of the decoy you want.  If you are interested in a pair (drake and hen) then ordering this way is even better, since they will be carved as a set.

Since each and every decoy is handmade, there will usually be a short wait time.  If you want a decoy for a gift or deadline, please make sure you give us enough lead time.

Contact Info:

P.G. Ross




OPTION 2 -- My decoy shop

I'll sometimes have several decoys that were made just because the feeling "hit me" or if I'm making a custom order, I may make a couple extra of the same species at the same time.  If you have a need for a decoy soon, please feel free to contact us and I can let you know what's available.  

OPTION 3 -- Retail location

Decoys are for sale at the gift shop of the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, Virginia.  This facility celebrates the rich history of the Eastern Shore's barrier islands and their people and culture.  A portion of the proceeds from these decoys goes to support the Center.


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