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The Eastern Shore of Virginia, which is bordered on the west by the Chesapeake Bay and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, has a rich history of waterfowling and decoys.  Many "working decoys" - those actually used for hunting - combined a simplicity of design and adornment that was effective as a tool, but also appealing to the eye.  Such works transcend function and have become a unique form of folk art that is distinctively American.  It is no wonder that old, well-made decoys are now highly collectible. 
Capt. P.G. Ross grew up gunning waterfowl on marshes and waters of the Eastern Shore.  Using and admiring hand-made wooden decoys inspired him to start whittling in his mid-teens.  Today, he makes contemporary decoys that are based on the characteristics of live birds.  However, their form has been influenced by both old and modern carvers who fashion birds in the gunning tradition.

Crafting traditional style gunning decoys gives P.G. much satisfaction.  Hunting over them is that much better.  However, on a deeper level, carving serves to connect him with a rich heritage of the waterfowling fraternity that stretches back into the distant past of the Chesapeake Bay and along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  

Please explore this website and take a look at P.G.'s carvings Any comments are most welcome!

Red-breasted merganser (wood, 2000)

Mallard (cork, 1999)

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